Thursday, April 13, 2000

Welcome to "Ask Crazee Juls"

Advice is given freely here....

Should you take it?!

Maybe-maybe not, you be the judge.

The fact remains we all have issues that arise in our lives.
Sometimes it's fun to bounce our troubles off of a willing listener.

Sometimes it's even more fun if that willing listener gives us feedback.

That's when Crazee Juls steps in.
Here's where you can ask me a question...and I'll weigh in on it.

Here's the disclaimer: I'm no expert on any one thing. But I do have an opinion. Sometimes my opinion cannot be considered serious advice....but maybe just maybe we will both get some theraputic charge out of the ask & answers sessions here...
So, go ahead "Ask Crazee Juls" just might help. Or not.

To submit a question for Crazee Juls, please send an e-mail to:

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