Monday, April 20, 2009

Carrying the Weight of the World

Dear Juls,

What do you do when you can not do one more thing. I am trying hard to be here for who needs me but at the same time....ikes! No I can not drop doing what I need to for my friend--No way! But if one more thing happens....I will just explode!

-Atlas can not carry all this world

Dear Carrying the World,

As women, we want to be strong, nurturing and a forever present pillar of peace for those that we love. The thing that we often forget in the mix sometimes when we're so busy taking care of others is that we, too, need those things. It's okay to recognize that we can't be perfect, we can't be what everyone else needs all the time....

I am a firm believer, however that God will not give you more than you can handle. Your friends have been gifted with you, because you are a strong person, one that can carry the burdens of your friends ... and will drop everything and run when a friend is in need... You're a true blessing to others in many, many ways.

My advice is when the blessing that you are seems to be a burden that you cannot handle, do one of two things:

1. Take a break.... Lock yourself somewhere, go for a walk, breathe... relax & collect your thoughts. If only for a few minutes... for as long as you need to. Explain to others that you just need a "me moment...." Who can argue with that?

2. Find someone to "vent" to... lean on, and spill your troubles on that is outside of the current situation. Someone totally unrelated to the situation has a fresh set of ears, and is not already stressed out about the situation..and I find that I always feel better after just getting things off of my chest to someone who is willing to listen. In other words, let someone else be for you, what you often are for others.....

We are never in control of "What" will happen next, and when we're too our breaking point, it seems that bad events seem to domino, only bringing us closer to the edge. We are in control of how we handle situations... I believe things happen for a reason, all for the greater good...

I also find that prayer, meditation, or simple quiet time (which ever you are comfortable with) where you can clear your mind of your troubles and just concentrate on peaceful things helps when it seems like I'm at the very edge of my breaking point.

You are in my prayers,
Crazee Juls


  1. Very well said. It's always so hard to remember that we'll never have more than we can bear... but it is so refreshing when we hear it again.

  2. Juls, thanks again! You see I took your advice by coming to your advice column for help. LOL Now it is 2:30 am and I am already up again. Oh well, I can catch up on some much needed blog reading.

  3. Juls! I think you've found your calling! You give such great advice! You are right. As woman we need to learn how to take care of ourselves too. We are no good to anybody else when we're all stressed out and tired.

  4. juls do you need a new question?

  5. Very good advice Juls! Also always remember that GOD IS IN CONTROL. That's my mantra. Also, I can't remember where I heard or read it, but God doesn't fish for you, He teaches you "how to fish". I've found that if I do just enough help to get someone started, then they can take the reins for themself. Anyway, for your GREAT ADVICE... You have just been nominated for "One Lovely Blog Award"!

    Drop by my blog sometime!