Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crazy in-laws, Elderly Drivers

Officially the very first addition of "Ask Crazee Juls" is here. I can feel the excitement in the air. Thank you to all who have submitted a question, I will try my best to get to all of them in an orderly fashion. Haven't asked your question yet? Click here to learn how you could get the expert crazee to answer your question.

Dear Juls:
So how do you overcome crazy in-laws that are in your business?


Dearest Always,

In-laws can be quite frustrating to say the least. Crazy in-laws that are all "up in 'yo bit'ness"... are the worst. Don't despair. There is hope! . First of all, open communication lines are important. Making your in-laws feel important and a part of your lives is helpful. But, when it comes to your business...make it clear that you have it under control! Plan a family meeting (meal, over coffee, etc.), where you explain to your in-laws that while they are important to you, you need your own privacy, and can make your own decisions... and if you haven't asked for their help or advice, you do have it under control. Of course, overly sensitive in-laws might not take too kindly to being asked to butt out, even in the politest of ways. So, to save your peace of mind... when in-laws get in your business, put the biggest ever smile on your pretty little face, and nod politely.... pretending to soak up all of their overly helpful goodness. Make them believe they've made a positive impact, and keep on keeping on in the same manner you have been. Maybe sooner or later, they'll get the hint that you're not going to march to the beat of THEIR drummer, but your own.

Best Wishes,

Crazee Juls

Hey Juls!

How do you overcome a fear of the elderly driving around you?


Elderly people driving scare me!

Dear Elderly Scared,

Oh my, that is quite a fear you have there. But, once again...I'm here to help. Experts say the best way to overcome a fear is to face it head on. And I would have to agree. How do you meet this fear head on? You guessed it. Go to your local car rental place and rent the largest passenger van available (preferably handi-cap accessible). After you have the keys to the van, drive yourself over to the nearest nursing home. Pick up the first 8 or 10 willing participants...and hit the road. Ride shot gun as you let your new friends take turns chauffering you around. I guarantee that after spending a day immersed in geriatric driving... you will no longer fear driving around the elderly... In fact, you will feel quite happy to be driving around them and not riding with them.

Best Wishes,

Crazee Juls


  1. YAY!!!! Great advice! And, I'm so thankful my in-laws speak a different language and I can only understand about 1/8 of their unwanted advice. But seriously, I can understand 'when you makin' more babies' in just about every language.

  2. Thanks for the great wisdom! I have a problem with the in-laws too, always asking when we are going to have kids. My husband and I will be married for 5 yrs in July and no luck yet. I feel like it puts more pressure and stress on us to have them:)

  3. hahahahah! That is so awesome geriatric driving. OOH man somethings just hit the funny bone - my husband thinks I'm loony because I'm laughing so hard.

  4. Haha! I love the ederly driving advice it make laugh really hard!
    You made my day!

  5. Love your blog!!! I will return when I come up with some good questions needing advice. Over from SITS. Keep up the good work.

  6. interesting advice. saw you on SITS roll call.

  7. good job juls
    my in laws had a hard time adjusting to me
    independent me
    but over time they saw how happy and settled their son was and that won them over

    elderly driving---my mom! fear in my bones there. I will not, WILL NOT, ride with her. I can watch for other cars while I drive just fine.

  8. BTW--there is a new post (just for you) on my page. GO SEE!

  9. Oh this is fabulous advice for the Elderly Scared! An old lady once ran into my car with hers and when she got out I was thinking oh know she's old as dirt. Then she said she was on her way to the eye doctor. Oh brother! If you can't see maybe someone else should have driven yout to the doctor.